Monday, July 30, 2007

Resources on Green Regulations

Today's post seeks to answer a question which I have received numerous times--where do I go for information on green building regulations. The answer is simple--there is no one place. I keep my eye peeled for announcements by municipalities--see new ones in Portland--, West Hollywood--, and Baltimore--

But there are a few resources which have lists of relevant laws and regulations:
A favorite resource of mine is DSIRE's list of incentives and regulations, available here

Another is Smart Communities Network-- The Smart Communities list is nice, if a little dated.

The USGBC has a list as well, which is hard to find directly on their website--

Certain cities and states list their incentives and regulations in a user friendly fashion, especially Seattle--

Chicago has a nice website with green resources--

I would advocate that the Council of Mayors or similar organization should create a resource which consolidates green building regulations of various municipalities in one place. For now, I will try to be on the look out for more lists and keep up to date on green building laws as they come to my attention.

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