Thursday, October 2, 2008

Green Building Law Potpourri

There are three notable articles on various sites around the blogosphere addressing green building legal issues--

1. Greening of the Bailout Bill--There was a great article over at Earth2Tech (I love those guys) on the greening of the financial bailout--

2. Will Cap-and-trade work--Interesting perspective that cap-and-trade won't work to curb greenhouse gases soon enough over the at Green Skeptic

3. Southern Builders v. Shaw Development series on Green Building Law Update--Chris Cheathem has a nice series on the Southern Builders v. Shaw Development case in which Shaw Development, L.L.C. (Shaw Development) filed a counter-complaint against Southern Builders, Inc. (Southern Builders) in the Circuit Court of Somerset County, Maryland arising from, in part, the projects failure to achieve LEED Silver certification.

What does all of this mean? A lot of legal action--litigation, corporate and regulatory work--ahead.

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